I've discovered this tag in Youtube thanks to The Little Book Owl so I've decided to do it. I have to connect the last five used emoji on Whatsapp with a book that matches them.

Let's get started!


1)  ->  


I guess that I could intepret it as the book that makes your heart beats at the memory of it. Tell The Wolves I'm Home is the first novel that comes to my mind.



2)  ->  


Haunted, you're not funny, you're not the deep critic of society and today people you wish to be. You're not even sensible.Your only usefulness could be those two fingers to make someone throw up. Instead of the manual method, I could read a page of it.


3) ->  


LOL, how could I explain it? I use this emoji a lot, when I want to invite a friend to join the joyful dance. A sort of dancing yeah. Looking for a book to connect has been hard, but I've won! The book is not exactly joyful, but sufficiently young and funny to suggest a vital party. 


4)  ->  


I've chosen it because of Kolya. He's awesome and he knows it. And I know it too. The whole book is awesome. I've thought about choosing an author with an enormous love for himself but often they're not all that thing for me. So, what about a honest but cool novel? It's more attractive. 


5)  ->  


I could catch my breath and calm down after the family mission. What a pacing!

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