After reading the answers of Bookworm Blurbs, Jessica (HDB) and Amanda Says I decided to do it too. :) 





1. Would you rather… only read trilogies or only stand-alones? 

Following trilogies with perseverance causes me some problems, in fact I read almost only stand-alones. So the answer is obvious. 



2. Would you rather… never be allowed to read the last chapter of a book but be able to read as many books as you want OR only be allowed to read one book a year, but be allowed to finish it?

This would be hard to bear, but I'd prefer to read only book a year but entirely. Better the quality than the quantity. Some books don't gain their complete meaning without the ending, and I'd rather be able to fully understand what I'm reading than reading books on books without this "privilege". And that book isolated in a year will be etched in my memory better than a reading in the middle of thousands. 



3. Would you rather… all books become movies or all books become TV shows? 

I love cinema and in some cases the movie was better than the book: Fight ClubThe Notebook (being better than any work by Nicholas Sparks doesn't require an enormous amount of effort and intelligence) orJules and Jim. I don't follow TV shows usually, again it requires the perseverance that I don't have. 


4. Would you rather... write a crappy book that is critically panned but sells millions of copies (and makes you millions of dollars) or write an award-winning book that sells a few thousand and leaves you in relative obscurity? 

LOL, actually I need money but I respect enough myself to not allow me to win easily. Becoming much acclaimed after my death would be painful, but better to leave something very valuable than a book that will be forgotten. 



5. Would you rather… be a professional reviewer or a professional author?  

If I weren't so much lazy I'd go with professional writer, it would make me very happy. But right now being a professional reviewer would be equally interesting. 



6. Would you rather… only read your 20 favorite books over and over or only read new books and never re-read your favorites? 

I don't re-read that much, almost never, so yes, I'd rather always do new literary experiences!



7. Would you rather… have to read 50 Shades of Grey repeatedly for an entire year OR go to every showing of the movie at your local theater for a month?

30 days are better than 365 days, clearly! I'm trying to reduce my penalty. But I will not pay 30 tickets for that movie, I demand that the author of the question does it for me. Ha!



8. Would you rather… read 5 pages a day or 5 books a week?

Oh my god, no, 5 books a week would be a kill for my brain. I'm too sensible to headache to do that, and besides in October I'll start university so tell me exactly when I would be able to have the necessary time to read 5 books without forgetting to study, eheh! 

Okay, but..5 pages..that's hard..LOL, it would fit one book a year!



9. Would you rather...  always have to read out loud—IN A VERY LOUD VOICE THAT EVERYONE AROUND YOU CAN HEAR—or be unable to read and always have someone read to you?

My quiet and introvert nature would prompt me to the first choice, even if I would miss reading on my own in a moving way. I could write a dramatic novel about it.



10. Would you rather… read only female authors or male authors? 

Okay that's not kind towards my own sex but..male authors. No, wait, female authors. 

..No. Okay I don't know: in some cases I prefer a male author telling the story and in others the contrary. In other cases it's really the same. In my last ten favorites books of 2013 7 were written by male authors. And in my list of favorites authors there are more men than women. But I wouldn't be able to read Dapne du Maurier, Patricia Highsmith, Oriana Fallaci, Gillian Flynn, Elizabeth Strout, Edith Wharton (aaa, noo! my heart screams!)..okay okay, I'd read male authors but when you are not looking at me I'll read a book written by a woman. That's almost dystopian.



11. Would you rather… only read physical books or e-books?

E-books: a matter of physical space. I can hear my mother screaming if I'd say physical books. Too many of them are already eating this house. 



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