ME: I've just finished an Agatha Christie's novel and MUBI sends me an email with this subject: "Another victim..and I'm alive!". PRICELESS.

MY FRIEND: Mubi reads in your mind! 

ME: I have an alibi. I'm not the victim because I'm alive, proof: I'm talking with you. Unless we admit the existence of paranormal activites..or..that somebody else is typing. 

But if somebody else is typing for me and from the same IP, it means that he/she knows that I can't text now because..well, I'm dead, so who is typing is the murderer! 


ME: Lu,'re chatting with a murderer.

MY FRIEND: uuuuh, that's so cool! *_*


PS: only a nerd like me could think about American Psycho when I say "Priceless!".