The Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Larissa Volokhonsky, Richard Pevear

Cute situations:


- Some days ago I had to go in a town near my place to buy at least a pair of shoes. I'm not the driver in my family (not at all, and honestly I'm not anxious of taking a driver license, even if I''ll be kindly obliged to do it if I don't move my ass "as they say at Oxford"). So, my thoughts run to my "currently-reading" shelf and what I could take with me. Then I said out loud: "I'll take the Brothers Karamazov with me!" and well I laughed, because I imagined Aljosa, Ivan and Mitja entering with nonchalance in an Italian shoe store of 2014. 

Aljosa would say gently "no, no, really, I don't need anything" because he doesn't want to get me buying a pair for him, given that in Italy roubles are pretty.. useless. So, he simply would follow me or his brothers in silence like a good dog, giving opinions when asked him.

Ivan would wander in vain, declaring finally that he wants to buy those shoes and then changing his mind and saying "no, no, I don't like them anymore, they're dull, how can you expect me to like them? I was talking nonsense, you don't have to take me seriously". In the meantime Aljosa would go crazy, thinking angerly that it's not possible that his brother doesn't have clear ideas even on shoes and then he would think about that strange idea of The Great Inquisitor, definitely falling into a crysis. Then he would feel  guilty because he lost his temper, and then I would say to him "you have to freak out sometimes, with a family like yours...". But he wouldn't find my opinion very useful to his standards.

So I'll give my attentions to Mitja, asking him why he doesn't want to try those shoes he likes so much, what's his problem (among the many..)? He would watch me like a crazy person, saying to me "no, no, really, I can't and you can't understand, I can't tell you, it's a long story, an unmentionable one" and he would say other words without a logic order, loosing defiitely my attention. "C'mon, don't do like that, I'll help you" and he would scream "DON'T TOUCH MY SOCKS, REALLY, DON'T DO IT, PLEASE", becoming very violent and rude.

Geeez, calm down, okay... Aljosa would run towards us, exploding in excuses for his brother, he's a good guy but he can't control himself sometimes, presenting to me a long long long speech about his brother and his good nature. 

In the meantime a random person would pass casually, noticing these three strange men and thinking about that unnerving last trend of "beard in Jesus style..", enough, reallly, there's a limit..


- I'm posting that because tomorrow FINALLY we'll go to the beach for a day. 

..."I'll take the Brothers Karamazov with me!" 

And then I imagined them on a beach in 2014...They'll have fun.

Should I make them pay for my service of entertainement? ..No, they deserve it, poor souls, they are too stressed out at Dostoevskij's. They need relax and tacky scenarios too sometimes. 

..More sun cream, then!