Yersterday I thought about all those writers in the world who are struggling to find someone who publishes them, maybe losing faith in theirselves as talents whose words and stories are worthy for someone or something. And I thought about the past, about all those famous writers who beared a lot of "no" and closed doors before becoming the celebrated names we all know.
Well, I thanked them in my mind: I did it because of all the strenght they had in not giving up and because they kept believing that they were having in their hands something at least valuable, worthy of being read. In fact thanks to their moral strenght now I can read them. 
Sometimes it is very easy to think that "they are right, I'm nothing special, I have overestimated myself".
And then we have who has been so strong to not give up, even if sometimes he/she had the same thoughts. Myabe it's all about the strange awareness of knowing that they were born to write, to create stories, if not for who didn't want to read them, at least for theirselves. Nothing could make them happier and more alive. And for that last reason, I thought about all those writers who had not success, not when they were alive, in fact the largest amount of fans praised their names later, when they couldn't appreciate their gratitudes. And I thanked them too, because they kept writing and writing stories even if there was not a desirable audience. In fact now I can read them and I'll have a lot of their works to read in the future. :) 

Here in Italy this is a important topic, because sometimes the writers who are filling the bookstores are clearly a very very dull distraction for masses (not comparable to the English distractions, really! we are very poor even in entertainment) and not remarkable authors (maybe their words are even ungrammatical), and the most precious are hiding theirselves in smaller publishing houses, who have refused to obey only to the market laws. This is unpleasant, because many readers here in Italy don't even know of their existence and so they keep thinking that here in Italy there are no young writers worthy of sincere praises, if compared to the Americans or English and so on. 

That's why I always try to delve where a normal Italian reader would not go, maybe for diffidence or inexperience. Here we are not like you in reading, we are very traditional, classic. ..a bit monotonous and boring, if I can be honest. Aaalways the same titles..

Well, I've bumped into great discovering sometimes and sometimes not, sometimes an unpopular author is rightly less-known, because of many reasons: an unpleasant style or boring ideas..
But I won't stop delving, because I want to know at least some of those authors who are waiting for their audience, or maybe above all, because the more I grow up, the more my curiosity expands its horizons without feeling tired or definitely satisfied. 

I hope that in the meanwhile those authors are not losing faith in theirselves, because maybe tomorrow they'll be in thousands of bookshelfs.

I'm not criticizing the abilities of an editor, but I know that sometimes an author doesn't deserve his refuses.