The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender - Leslye Walton

An exaggerated hype for a nice book.
It has a certain grace for the setting and the style, it was like a pretty painting even in painful subjects. The touch has something of the fairy-tale (well, a girl born with's somehow fairy-tale!), feature which I like and don't like at the same time. And the last part was very captivating, I couldn't stop reading because the climax was very good.
But I don't approve this obstinate point of view towards love and scars: everyone gets hurt but bear a grudge for the eternity (or at least for a so long time) it's stupid, totally unrealistic, pretentious in this story. A checkmate and hope is lost forever: yes, the impression is this for the first months, but pain, even when it deals this kind of relationship, ends. It's natural. Keeping it next to us for ages and ages is a clear refuse of growing up, not an acquired and untouchable wiseness like the romantic side of the book wants to show.
I understand the characters but I don't like how this attitude seems even approved and stroked by the author, I don't find it fascinating like others do. I find it stupid, particularly when an other person is flailing to be loved back and you are rigid in a fatalist and eternal weeping, wasting precious chances to change direction and offer to your life other possibilities, given that all the characters involved in this thing had a lot of time to do it and they are not so young.