A Week at the Airport: A Heathrow Diary - Alain de Botton Smilla's Sense of Snow - Peter Høeg, Tiina Nunnally Embers - Sándor Márai, Carol Brown Janeway Too Loud a Solitude - Bohumil Hrabal Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter - Mario Vargas Llosa Madame Bovary - Michèle Roberts, Geoffrey Wall, Gustave Flaubert The Moon and the Bonfire - Cesare Pavese, Louise Sinclair The Sleeping Voice - Dulce Chacón La sorella. Vita di Paolina Leopardi - ElettraTesti

Okay, I'm not sure that every book of this group will be read in May, but I'll try to do my best. 

I'm very happy to come back to three authors I loved in the past: Mario Vargas Llosa, Cesare Pavese and Bohumil Hrabal. Especially for Vargas Llosa: I've preserved a great memory of The Bad Girl and I wanted to read other books by him for months. 

Madame Bovary is a reread for my school essay and one of the first classics "for adults" that I've read in my life. At least five years have passed since that reading.. I'm curios to know how I will find the book now. :-D 

The last book in the list is a biography of Paolina Leopardi, Giacomo Leopardi's sister, who is one of the most important poets here in Italy. :)