Being and Time - Edward Robinson, John MacQuarrie, Martin Heidegger A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - Betty  Smith Burial Rites: A Novel - Hannah Kent The Islanders - Christopher Priest Siberian Education: Growing Up in a Criminal Underworld - Nicolai Lilin The First Man in Rome - Colleen McCullough Pan - Knut Hamsun, Sverre Lyngstad Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter - Mario Vargas Llosa

School vs my ambitions: 3 - 0 (ouch). In fact the last three books of this month were already in the planning of June, and then.. nothing, I didn't manage to read them in time. A desperate study for my final exam has defeated me. 

But I'm unfliching, I'm stubborn and I set this goal for July, considering it as a feasible purpose and not a dream.

And I have a defence for that. 2 July, 12 pm: Freedom will knock on my door, and I'll open to it and hug it as if it were the most beautiful apparition in my life, weeping tears of joy. 

And I'll have plenty of time to read everything I want, like..for example..these books. 

P-u-r-e happiness.